Quick Weight Loss Tips - How to Eliminate Bloating & Lose Water Weight

If you're one of the millions of women plagued with bloating and water retention, then you know how bothersome it can be, not to mention how unattractive you feel. Typically, bloating is accompanied by gassiness, abdominal pain, and weight gain, and although there are many causes, the most common can be attributed to our diet.

There are many factors in our diet that contribute to severe water retention, such as too much salt, sugar, inadequate protein, not enough fiber, and a deficiency in B-vitamins. The good news is that most of these symptoms can be alleviated with a few simple tips.

\"Quick Weight Loss\"

Here are some of the causes of bloating & water retention, and some simple solutions to eliminate it:

Quick Weight Loss Tips - How to Eliminate Bloating & Lose Water Weight

- Too much salt: Americans consume six times more sodium than they need, which accounts for the high blood pressure, heart and kidney diseases in this country. Your body needs some sodium to function properly, but most foods already contain more than enough sodium without you consuming dangerously high levels. Sodium attracts and holds water and causes the excess to be deposited under the skin causing puffiness and fluid retention.

Reduce your salt intake by replacing processed foods with fresh foods, avoiding canned foods, and eliminating any added salt to foods during and after cooking. This can help you eliminate bloating and water weight. The recommended daily limit of sodium is 1,500 - 2,400mg for a healthy adult, which means that if you are over 50, or have an existing health condition, then you need to lean towards the lower end of the range. Talk to your doctor about your sodium limitations and make sure you check food labels to determine sodium content before you eat it.

- Avoid drinking soda: You may want to think before you drink. In addition to the gassiness, bloating, and water retention caused by carbonation, research has shown that most carbonated drinks can harm bones over time. Most soft drink brands are high in sugar, contain caffeine, and phosphoric acid, mostly unique to colas. The phosphoric acid lowers blood levels of calcium, so the body has to draw calcium from bones. For the occasional cola drinker, there is probably little risk, but for the habitual drinker, there is substantial risk.

Sodas contain a lot of air, and the swallowing of air causes bloating, as well as the fizz in soda, which causes gas to be trapped in your stomach. To eliminate gassiness and bloating, skip the soda and replace it with water. You'll be happier and healthier in the long run, and you'll have a flatter belly to show for it. Peppermint tea or coffee will also help flush extra fluid from your body. Caffeine is a natural diuretic, but you'll want to go easy on the coffee, because it can have the opposite effect if you become dehydrated. Peppermint is beneficial in eliminating bloating and gassiness since it relaxes the stomach muscles and helps with digestion. Dandelion tea (from the dandelion root) is another herbal remedy that has diuretic properties, yet does not create a potassium deficiency.

- Dehydration: When you are dehydrated, your brain overcompensates by releasing a hormone that tells your body to retain water and reduce urination. Drinking lots of water helps flush out the excess fluids in your body. Make sure you stay hydrated by drinking 7-8 glasses of water a day.

- Eat more protein: Stay away from high-carb meals, specifically pasta and bread. In large quantities, your body attacks these foods as intruders, triggering excess fluid buildup in the tissues. Opt for protein and vegetables as a meal instead, with no additional salt added. By eliminating the extra salt, you can lose up to 5 pounds of water weight in a few days!

- Exercise: This one should be obvious - out with the bad, in with the good. Sweating flushes out toxins and fluids, and even more importantly, consistent exercise helps the digestive system regulate itself, which is vital in reducing bloating.

- PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome): In the week prior to menstruation, there is a reduction of the hormone progesterone, which causes water retention. As the blood breaks down the progesterone, the kidneys retain water and sodium. When you're experiencing PMS or any other hormonal condition, you'll want to steer clear of diuretics, usually prescribed for those experiencing "edema," (the swelling caused by an accumulation of excess fluids), and follow a safer way of losing the water weight. By following the tips above, avoiding salt, sugar, high-carbs, and drinking a lot, as well as including foods with natural diuretic properties into your diet, (foods which have high water content) you will be able to help eliminate the excess fluids.

- Perimenopause & Menopause: The fluctuation in hormones and replacement of estrogen are two of the common causes of water weight. Follow the same guidelines as with PMS to lose water weight.

- Nutritional Deficiencies: Deficiencies of certain vitamins, like thiamine (B1), B5 and B6, can cause fluid retention. Thiamine, in particular, is needed in order to release the energy from fats, proteins and carbs, to be used by the body. To treat a deficiency, there are Vitamin B supplements as well as many foods rich in these vitamins. Examples are: wholegrains, oats, brown rice, fish, poultry, red meat, nuts, eggs, yogurt, avocado, bananas, beans and yeast extract. Bananas, a staple in most peoples' homes, are rich in potassium and help eliminate water weight. If you're not keen on bananas, raisins are a good alternative, but limit yourself to a handful because they are high in calories. Alternatively, increasing your intake of Vitamin A and C, help reduce the frailness of capillaries and decrease water retention.

There is always a solution, and following these simple remedies, will help give you relief, and prevent you from feeling like a giant blimp!

Quick Weight Loss Tips - How to Eliminate Bloating & Lose Water Weight

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Fast Weight Loss - 7 Day Diet Program For Quick Weight Loss

Do you have a big event coming up? Perhaps you have a great dress that you bought in the hopes of losing ten pounds, but just haven't gotten around to losing enough weight to fit into it. In addition to supplements and other weight loss products, maybe the solution to your problem is a seven-day diet.

Seven-day diets are developed to be followed for ONLY seven days, with at least two weeks in between. The popular cabbage soup diet, for example, has stringent guidelines for days one through seven, and promises a weight loss of about ten pounds in a week. As long as you go back to a sensible diet program after your seven day stretch, it is presumable that you can lose weight and keep it off. If your problem is obesity, this might not be the best plan for you, but if you're just a little bit overweight and just want to fit into those jeans from high-school this is a great alternative to a diet like Atkins or working yourself to death at the gym.

\"Quick Weight Loss\"

It goes a little something like this. Day one: eat any fruit except for bananas, and as much cabbage soup as you want. Drink any unsweetened teas and cranberry juice and plenty of water. Day two: Eat as many veggies as you can stand. Try to go with leafy green stuff (cooked or raw is fine) and stay away from dry beans, peas, and corn. Eat any veggies you want with your soup, and for a hard day's work congratulate yourself with a baked potato for dinner. You can even splurge with a little butter. For day three mix the first two days up, except no baked potato. On day four, eat as many bananas and drink as much skim milk as you'd like with your soup. No other fruit or veggies. This day is designed to lessen your sweet cravings.

Fast Weight Loss - 7 Day Diet Program For Quick Weight Loss

Now you're already half way through the week. That wasn't so hard, was it? On day five, you can work some meat into your diet with either chicken (no skin!) or beef. Ten to twenty ounces of meat and up to six fresh tomatoes with at least one serving of your soup makes for an exquisite day of dining. Day six you can eat as much veggies and beef as you'd like with at least one serving of soup. On one of the two days, you can substitute broiled fish for your beef, but not both. On the last day, eat some brown rice and drink any unsweetened fruit juice. Eat as much as you'd like, and make sure you eat soup at least once.

That's it. By now, you should have achieved your short term weight loss goals with this low-fat diet, and with continued sensible eating and supplements, you should have no problem keeping the weight off. For more tips, do a quick Internet search. There are a variety of free diet plans on the web, including detailed menus for this and other like diets.

Fast Weight Loss - 7 Day Diet Program For Quick Weight Loss

There are many products available to help you lose weight. There are supplements, diet plans, programs and online support systems to help you manage your eating habits and measure your weight loss progress. Some of these companies provide support and help with your dieting program. We can help you by providing you with a free list of our recommended best sources for effective weight loss products and services.

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Why Don't You Try the Army Recruiter Diet For Quick Weight Loss?

If you want to get into a weight loss program and you still have not figured out what program that would be, then you better check for an army diet. Anyone who wants to get rid of their fat fast must try any kind of army recruiter diet for quick weight loss and for your self the benefits that this army diet can bring. Many people try those diets advised by army recruiters as they claim to have miraculous effects in days. Army diets are designed to strip away the unnecessary fats in the body in time for the training in boot camp. It is the fastest way to loss fat intended for those who want to enter the military service. However, those who want to have fast result may also try any military recruiter diet.

The army recruiter diet is not as popular as those of the other weight loss program and yet it is one of the most traditional programs for those who are into diets. The program is aimed to impose upon those who enlist into this kind of program the discipline that is also imposed upon the military men and women who achieved the body built that is required of them under the military service curriculum. The program at first may sound very restrictive at first try but as you go through the process, it will just sound like ordinary learning process of dieting the military way and that is through the army recruiter diet for quick weight loss.

\"Quick Weight Loss\"

There are many kinds of military diet and the army recruiter advices the army recruiter diet for quick weight loss so that the recruits will be in shape for training the fastest way possible. One example of this is the mayo diet plan which is a diet involves 2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon, 2 glasses water, and 4oz unsweetened grapefruit juice for breakfast. For lunch, you will have salad, meat, 4 oz grapefruit juice and dinner is same as lunch except that another veggie instead of salad is prepared. There is nothing special with the diet; it's just that you have to eat the same kind of food for days to get the immediate results that you want to attain. The science behind this diet is actually low carbohydrate and low calorie intake.

Why Don't You Try the Army Recruiter Diet For Quick Weight Loss?

The army recruiter diet may sound desperate but you can try if you have the guts of an army. Even military health professionals test this military diet so there is nothing to worry about and the military nutritionists have studied to keep the armed forces fit for the worst conditions of war and peace. Nonetheless, though what may work for them, may work for you too, before you engage in any diet or weight loss program, it is advised to consult your doctor.

Why Don't You Try the Army Recruiter Diet For Quick Weight Loss?

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Best Diet to Lose Weight Quickly - This Works!

You've probably tried every sort of diet available. I am going to tell you about the best diet there is to lose weight quickly, and it works better than any quick weight loss program you have ever seen! No starving, drinking diet shakes, or pre-packaged foods required. If you are serious and want to lose weight quickly, this is the best diet you will find.

Have you heard about "calorie shifting"? This is a process in which you eat certain foods for a certain number of days, then eat whatever you want for 3 days (in moderation, of course), then go back to the plan for the specified days. This process tricks your body's metabolism, causing you to burn fat like crazy! For quick weight loss, this is the best diet out there. This plan is great for your overall health.

\"Quick Weight Loss\"

There are certain foods that help increase metabolism, causing your body to burn fat calories. Some of these foods include cayenne pepper and dairy foods. Drinking green tea also helps in weight loss, as does eating spicy foods and drinking lots of water. Fresh fruits and vegetables are important for speeding up the fat burning process.

Best Diet to Lose Weight Quickly - This Works!

This calorie shifting diet enables you to eat 4 to 6 small meals per day, therefore you are never hungry. You also eat REAL foods that you love, which makes it easy to lose and maintain your weight. This diet has been the most popular for several years and has a huge success rate! If you are ready to finally lose weight and keep it off, this is hands down the best diet to lose weight quickly. Just give it a try!

Best Diet to Lose Weight Quickly - This Works!

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Fun, Fun, Fun: The Best Exercises for Quick Weight Loss

The best exercises for quick weight loss in my opinion are activities that you enjoy because you will be more apt to continue doing them over a long period of time.

Many people think that starting an exercise program will mean months of agony in front of them. However, staying active and being physically fit can and should be fun!

\"Quick Weight Loss\"

If you vary your exercise routine by choosing activities that you really enjoy, you will be more likely to stick with it. Don't forget that movement doesn't have be done in a gym, it can be done by adding new activities or bumping up the intensity, or adding extra steps to almost anything you are doing.

Fun, Fun, Fun: The Best Exercises for Quick Weight Loss

The benefits of exercise and being active include: increased muscle tone, weight loss, stress relief, an increase in personal satisfaction, and of course it will improve your inner body as well. (heart, lungs, and circulation)

My recommendations for the best exercises for quick weight loss include:

Dancing: Invite a few friends to go out for a night of dancing. A person weighing 180 pounds can burn approximately 193 calories after dancing at a night club for 30 minutes. Last year I took a country line dancing class which I enjoyed tremendously and I felt the health benefits almost immediately.

My friend's daughter who is now in her 20's has signed up to take ballet classes for the first time in her life. If ballet or line dancing isn't your style look for dance classes and clubs in your community to include: hula, belly dancing, tap, jazz, modern, ballroom dancing, Irish step dancing, and square dancing. Dancing is a "feel-good" activity that is perfect for all body types and ages.

Bicycling: You can see how much fun it is to ride a bike by watching children at play. They race, set up obstacle courses, and go over jumps. I am not suggesting that you have to "pop wheelies" again like you might have done in your younger days but it might be time to add bicycling to your regular work out routine. Biking is a wonderful family activity; in fact your kids will be thrilled if you suggest a "family bike hike" this upcoming weekend.

Golf: Ditch the golf cart and walk the course to reap the benefits of this wonderful sport!

Hiking: Hiking in the woods is one of my all-time favorite exercise activities. It allows you to enjoy nature and a 180 pound person will burn approximately 257 calories per half hour of trekking through the woods.

Gardening & Yard Work: Pushing a lawn mower around the yard, pulling weeds, trimming the hedges, raking leaves, and chopping wood are among the many calorie burners you can do in your yard. This is a win-win activity: a beautiful yard and a healthier you!

Racquet Sports: Grab a racquet and hit the courts! You can burn approximately 300 calories playing racquetball or tennis.

Skating: When was the last time you laced on a pair of skates? Rediscover this winter time activity and bring a child along for extra fun! This made me think of sledding. Wow, imagine the calories burned when you walk your sled back up the hill!

The list of fun exercise activities can go on and on. Try some to figure out which are your personal best exercises for quick weight loss...you might be surprised at how much fun exercise can be!

Fun, Fun, Fun: The Best Exercises for Quick Weight Loss

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The Best Way To Lose 10 Pounds

Losing weight isn't complex. It's simple. The best way to lose ten pounds might shock you because of the how easy it can be accomplished. You don't have to do much.

Simply make a few changes in your current habits, and you will find yourself, once again, fitting into old clothes. Which is always a joy.

\"Quick Weight Loss\"

Begin with your eating and create some semblance of a routine. Steady meals. Eat a small breakfast of, say, yogurt and a ½ cup of fiber rich cereal. Fiber One cereal works great. Have granny smith apples handy for snacks.

The Best Way To Lose 10 Pounds

For lunch, go light. No fast foods. If you need to--and remember this is the best way to lose 10 pounds, and not 20 or 30--prepare your meals at home and bring them to work. It takes a little time, but the reward is immediate.

For dinner, eat sensibly, and make sure to include some veggies and a good source of protein, like tuna or chicken. If you get hungry in front of the TV at night, resist the desire to grab cookies or ice cream (you do want to lose weight, don't you?).

Instead eat another piece of fruit, like a banana.

The late night demons are what destroy most weight loss efforts, whether it's losing 10 pounds fast, or losing 40 pounds over a short period of time. It doesn't take much to derail good weight loss intentions.

One slip up leads to another, and that to another, and from there, you're back searching for a way to lose a few pounds fast.

To avoid dieting pitfalls, keep this perspective: one meal will only satisfy you for a few moments, and then it's over. Satisfaction gone. Then what? Well, you've just ruined your new diet plan.

Never let your emotions get the best of you. Losing 10 pounds doesn't have to be difficult. Simply remove a few items from your daily food intake and you will drop 7 pounds ridiculously fast. Add more water to your daily intake and there goes another 2 pounds.

The more water you drink, the less water your body will hold onto. And finally, the best way to lose 10 pounds, and keep the weight off for good--add a short 20-minute walk after dinner, 3 to 4 times a week.

It's simple stuff. Do this and you might just find you've lost 12 or 15 pounds in record time. Good luck.

The Best Way To Lose 10 Pounds

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The 500 Calorie Diet - Diets For Quick Weight Loss

Engaging in diets for quick weight loss can be very dangerous. But, if you don't mind taking risks with your health, the 500 calorie diet might be right for you. Keep in mind, that even when considering diets for quick weight loss, the 500 calorie diet is a very extreme form of dieting. Even so, it tends to be extremely popular.

The reason for the popularity, obviously, is that you will lose weight quickly. Low-calorie diets abound among people who are looking for quick weight loss. But even among those low-calorie diets, 500 calories per day is at the low end of the spectrum.

\"Quick Weight Loss\"

First, for a definition...For a diet to be considered low calorie, the arbitrary cutoff point is 1200 calories per day. Anything below that is considered to be a low-calorie diet. Clearly the whole idea of a low-calorie diet is to lose weight quickly, but again - it can be quite dangerous so it should always be thoroughly planned with a nutritionist or your family doctor.

The 500 Calorie Diet - Diets For Quick Weight Loss

It's well known that the best way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you eat. You can do this by burning more, or by eating less. Your body needs a certain number of calories just to exist. If you're not eating enough, the theory is that your energy needs will be taken from the fat calories in your body.

The problem is, our body is very smart. It won't just keep burning the same number of calories and taking the excess from fat. Your body doesn't know that you are on a diet. It will think you're starving. To help keep you alive, it will cut way back on the number of calories that uses. To do this it will slow down your metabolic rate and will start eating away at your muscle mass - to get it's needed calories.

Over a long-term, this is disastrous. Your muscles burn far more calories than your fat, so if you lose them, it not only has a bad effect on your body but it also affects your ability to keep weight off in the future. The 500 calorie diet, as one of the diets for quick weight loss - works... but only for a short term.

The negative effects can vary depending on your body type, height, activity level, overall health and gender. 500 calories per day may be sufficient for some people for a short while.

For the vast majority of us, especially if we are carrying extra weight, eating only 500 calories per day is literally starving our bodies. Most likely, you've been taking in 2000 to 5000 (or more) calories per day and suddenly dropping to 500 will immediately move your body into starvation mode. So, your metabolism slows way down in order to conserve energy.

Our bodies are quite adaptable. In a very short time you will learn to survive on 500 calories per day. (At least until you run out of calories to burn...then you'll go into a coma and die.)

Thankfully, the majority of us discontinue our dieting before that happens. As soon as your diet is over, and you go back to your old eating habits - like we all do - you will have a sudden gain in weight. Actually, you'll gain more weight than you would have, had you not ever gone on a diet to begin with. Diets for quick weight loss just don't work. Plus, since you have lost so much muscle mass, it makes it much harder to maintain your weight in the future.

The most effective method of determining a healthy, livable daily calorie level, is by using a BMR/AMR calculator. It will tell you how many calories are necessary to support your health and your lifestyle. Once you know how many calories you need to maintain your weight, then you can subtract 500 calories per day, and you have one of the ideal diets for quick weight loss success.

Obviously, the mass and body size of women is dramatically different than that of men. That means, they need a different number of calories to survive. While the average man may eat 1500 to 1600 calories per day, the average woman may eat only 1200 to 1300 calories per day. You must consult your physician before starting any diet, safety has to come first.

So, to wrap it up... in the realm of diets for quick weight loss, the 500 calorie per day diet is very popular. It will work to help you lose weight, but it can be very dangerous - And your weight loss is only temporary at best. You should never cut back that dramatically on your calories without the constant monitoring and supervision of a doctor.

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The 500 Calorie Diet - Diets For Quick Weight Loss

Diets For Quick Weight Loss [http://www.WeightLoss-2.org/500-calorie-diet.html] - The 500 Calorie Diet, is very popular but is only one - and not the safest - of the MANY ways to lose weight. I've done TONS of weight loss research and have put the best of the best tips, methods and tactics on my website. Check it out right now to get YOUR - FREE enrollment in my "Fast Weight Loss Tips!" mini-course...